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ASK - Foot -shaped Mid -Hi Sneaker

Sale price€82,95


• Foot -shaped with plenty of space for toes as well as good hold around the ankle and mid -foot.
• Superlet mid-hi sneaker (158 gr in size 25)
• Soft and flexible as butter.
• Unique developed rubber sole provides good grip on smooth surfaces (about 3 mm thick).
• Silky, very breathable, sweat -transporting merino wool inside.
• Highly durable, water -aqueous and lightweight microfiber of RPet (recycled polyester)
• Delicious spongy sole in recycled PU foam.

• Medium support in heel cap.
• Smells significantly less due to merino wool.

We are proud to present our foot-shaped mid-hi sneaker ash. Our test team has only expressed huge roses around this and CAS with statements that "feel soft like butter" and "Sitting really well and hugely durable". ASK provides extra support and warms around the ankle vs. CAS - otherwise they have used the same materials.

Inside we have the breathable and silky -soft merino wool in high quality which provides a really good indoor climate in cold and hot weather (the merino wool is extremely temperature regulating). It can also be taken on without socks and remember that the merino wool is as fine as silk (not like Grandma's old home -knit wool sweater), so it will in no way scratch or feel too hot. As an added advantage, it will also not smell of sour toes or skate around on sweaty pigskin.

The outer covering is made of 3rd generation microfiber and on RPet (recycled polyester). We absolutely love this material which is extremely durable, very light, water resistant and really have a nice leather look and feeling. In addition, it is smart that it can only be dried over with a cloth if it gets dirty.

The rubber sole is made in approx. 40% natural rubber, extremely flexible and soft as butter. The design shows how foot -shaped the sneaker is and then the sole is without a heel drop and approx. 3 mm. Thick there is free opportunity to the toes for free movement while feeling the substrate. Good fit on the heel and uncheck mid -foot and plenty of space for the toes.
The shoe is regular in FIT - but we clearly recommend to print the sole out before Bandlilling, as you are very sure that the size is right the first time.

We produce and sell our shoes directly through our own website, which is why we can give you the insanely sharp price of such high quality. Thus, there is no expensive intermediary in the form of agents or dealers, which is why we can sell ash to only 499,-.

Free shipping and easy returns (prepaid return label in the box). So there is plenty of opportunity to try it at home in the living room.

The microfiber can be easily dried over with a cloth, which in most cases will be enough. The sneaker can be impregnated with advantage, but the microfiber is in itself very water -repellent so this is not necessary.

We test our shoes on children through weeks of different sizes and get ongoing results from test centers and laboratories around wear resistance and compliance with specifications as well as REACH (chemistry levels).

NOTE: If your child loves to slow down on running bike with the shoe's muzzle, we recommend using extra protection or choosing a shoe where the sole goes all the way up over the muzzle as on our winter boot top. Our recycled microfiber will not be able to withstand the hard wear of the tarmac in the longer term. However, the solid toe cloak will make sure that the toes never go until the toes, but cosmetically it will destroy Ask's expression.

Gracious properties

  • Temperature-

  • Foot -shaped
    Space for the toes

  • None
    Smelly feet

  • Silky soft
    Merino wool

  • Good support
    Soft as butter

  • Soft & delicious
    U/ socks

Foot -shaped great sneakers

Ash provides plenty of room for the toes but at the same time a good fit around the ankle and midfield. Traditional sneakers are more pointed in the muzzle and very stiff in the sole and upper - ash and general barefoot shoes give more freedom to the toes and feel like butter to wear. This is also a pronunciation that has come from several of our Scot testers.

Durable, water repellent & practical

Our delicious outer covering is made of microfiber (RPet - Recycled Polyester) that is easy to wipe if they should become dirty, hugely durable and not least very water repellent. There, literally, takes good care of what is below the surface. We think that is good style all the way.

Fly high country soft

Based on the child's anatomy, we have developed the most child -friendly base and wrapped it in merino wool. It is delicious spongy, sweat -transporting and not least wildly breathable. It just feels much more delicious and natural than sweating on the traditional pigskin.

Sole clear

The sole is only 3mm. Thick, durable and light. It is made in approx. 40% natural rubber and has got our iconic double a logo below the bottom. The design under the bottom leads the water away and the nupred surface gives good attachment in even smooth surfaces. It provides a calm in the stomach to both children and the environment.

#farve_wild brown
ASK - Foot -shaped Mid -Hi Sneaker Sale price€82,95

Customer Reviews

Based on 118 reviews
Pauline (DK)
Hvordan er længden?: Passer i størrelsen
Hvordan er bredden?: Almindelige
Blødeste sko vi har haft!

Blød sko, der sidder godt på min søns fod! Trods de varme temperaturer vælger han dem.

Rikke Madsen (DK)
Hvordan kunne skoen gøres endnu bedre?: Intet.🥳
Hvordan er længden?: Passer i størrelsen
Hvordan er bredden?: Almindelige
Så lækker en sko.

Sidder perfekt på vores barns fod og føles så let.

Janne Bro
Hvordan kunne skoen gøres endnu bedre?: Måske til den lidt store side.
Hvordan er længden?: Store i størrelsen
Hvordan er bredden?: Almindelige
Skønne børnesko

Skoene er super lækre og perfekte til små fusser, der vokser og skal have optimale vilkår :-)

Louise Krægpøth (DK)
Hvordan er længden?: Passer i størrelsen
Hvordan er bredden?: Almindelige
Super fede sko

Vi er på andet par og vi er vilde med dem 🙌🏼

Isabella Bregnhøj (DK)
Hvordan kunne skoen gøres endnu bedre?: Fortsæt med at lave disse lækre sko.
Hvordan er længden?: Passer i størrelsen
Hvordan er bredden?: Brede
Bedste sneakers

De er simpelthen så bløde og lækre i kvaliteten. Min søn bruger ikke andet og knuselsker dem. Om sommeren har han ofte sine sneakers på uden strømper, fordi de er så bløde :)