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Mile - sneakers in merino wool

Sale price€98,95


• Natural and recycled materials.
• Silk soft ZQ Merino wool everywhere inside.
• Breathable and sweat transporting.
• Delicious spongy sole.
• Can be washed in the washing machine.
• Fixed heel and toe cloak
• Recyclable microfiber in exposed areas.
• Developed in collaboration with orthopedic experts.
• Water repellent upper.
• Smells significantly less due to merino wool.
• Small in size, then go up 1 size
• Based on Customer Reviews: Regular/Small in FIT

The children's go-to sneaker that feels as good as it looks. The indoor climate in the shoe is top notch and not looked at other children's shoes: The silky merino wool is sweat -transporting, provides plenty of breathability to warm children's feet, delicious to wear without stockings and reduces the smell of sour shoes significantly. The outer covering is made of recycled plastic from the sea, which is extremely breathable and easy to wipe with a cloth if it should get dirty. There are fixed vegan recyclable microfiber fit the exposed areas in the form of the toe and heel cap as well as the velcro. The sole is made of 70% recycled soles and 30% natural rubber, which ensures good stability for the child's play. Mil has been developed in close collaboration with leading orthopedic scrubs with experts in the ergonomics of children's footwear, which is why Mil has a small heel jump and an opening with a little bit of swing support. The shoe is regular in both FIT but very small in size, so go up 1 size.

We produce and sell our shoes directly through our own website, which is why we can give you the insanely sharp price of such high quality. Thus, there is no expensive intermediary in the form of agents or dealers, which is why we can sell miles to only 599,-.

Free shipping and easy return (prepaid return label in the box). So there is plenty of opportunity to try it at home in the living room.

We deduct 29,- using the prepaid return label.

NOTE: If your child loves to slow down on running bike with the shoe's muzzle, we recommend using extra protection or choosing a shoe where the sole goes all the way up over the muzzle as on our winter boot top. Our recycled microfiber will not be able to withstand the hard wear of the tarmac in the longer term. However, the solid toe cloak will make sure that the toes never go until the toes, but cosmetically it will destroy Mil's expression.
Take out the sole and possibly laces and place in a closed wash bag. Remove the worst dirt from the shoes before they, and wash bag with contents, are machine washed on the wool program and let them air dry.
We test our shoes on children through weeks as well as the materials at the National Test Center in Portugal to source and develop the most optimal sustainable materials for our shoes.

Gracious properties

  • Temperature-

  • Able to
    Machine washing

  • None
    Smelly feet

  • Silky soft
    Merino wool

  • Good support
    And flexible

  • Soft & delicious
    U/ socks

Superfin and silky smooth

That's what's inside that matters. Here is the ZQ certified merino wool. Itch free, temperature-regulating and confidence-maximizing.

Stylish from a to b

Our breathable outerwear is made of recycled plastic that, literally, takes good care of what is below the surface. We think that is good style all the way.

Fly high country soft

Based on the child's anatomy, we have developed the most child -friendly base and wrapped it in merino wool. We have done this because it is the little things that make the big difference.

Sole clear

The ergonomic signature sole is functional, flexible and made of up to 70% recycled natural rubber. It is better for both children and the environment. I am bad, do you?

Meet Mil

#farve_wild brown
Mile - sneakers in merino wool Sale price€98,95

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Katrine (DK)
Hvordan kunne skoen gøres endnu bedre?: Med gummi foran, så der kan køres scooter og løbecykel.
Hvordan er længden?: Passer i størrelsen
Hvordan er bredden?: Smalle

Børnene er glade for at have dem på.

Marie-Louise Topsøe (DK)
Hvordan er længden?: Passer i størrelsen
Hvordan er bredden?: Almindelige
Super god kvalitet

Jeg har købt et par sko, til hver af mine to drenge (på 4 og 5 år). De sidder virkelig godt, de er super god kvalitet og de virker meget behagelige. Desuden kom de hurtigt efter jeg havde bestilt.

Morten Clausen (DK)
Hvordan er længden?: Passer i størrelsen
Hvordan er bredden?: Almindelige

MIL - Sneakers i Merinould - Snørebånd fra str. 34 :)

Sarah Eilskov (DK)
Hvordan kunne skoen gøres endnu bedre?: Slidstærkere materiale og størrelsesregulering
Hvordan er længden?: Små i størrelsen
Hvordan er bredden?: Almindelige
Slides let

Fine til prisen, men snuden slides utrolig let . Små i str, så man skal vælge 1-2 str større

maria Nielsen (DK)
Hvordan er længden?: Passer i størrelsen
Hvordan er bredden?: Almindelige
Perfekt begyndersko

Skoen er let og nem for barnet at gå i. Størrelsen passer og skoen passer en almindelig fod. Det er ikke sidste gang vi køber sko derfra!