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Fro - Sandal M/ Merino wool

Sale price€98,95


• The world's first children's sandal with merino wool inside.
• Silk soft ZQ Merino wool everywhere inside.
• Breathable and sweat transporting.
• Closed muzzle to protect the toes.
• Delicious 8 mm. spongy sole.
• Recycled vegan leather that is easy to wipe.
• Fixed heel cap.
• Developed in collaboration with orthopedic experts.
• Smells significantly less due to merino wool.
• Regular fit in length
• 2 Velcro provides many adjustment options

The world's first children's sandal with merino wool everywhere inside as lining. The merino woolen creates the perfect climate for a hot child's foot in the summer, as it is both temperature-regulating, sweat-transporting, odorless and just feels delicious for the child's foot. In addition, a 4 mm has come. Delicious spongy seedlers who just give this feeling of walking on a cloud. The 2 velcores make it easy for the child to get into it and provide many adjustment options in relation to the height of the ankle and width of the foot.

We produce and sell our shoes directly through our own website, which is why we can give you the insanely sharp price of such high quality. So there is no expensive intermediary in the form of agents or dealers, which is why we can sell Fro to only 599,-

Free shipping and easy return (prepaid return label in the box). So there is plenty of opportunity to try it at home in the living room.

We deduct 29,- using the prepaid return label.

The vegan leather can be easily wiped off and cleaned with a cloth. The silky merino wool can be cleaned by washing it with mild soap. Rinse it after washing to remove remaining soap and lay out to dry. It is important to let them dry completely.
We test our shoes on children through weeks as well as the materials at the National Test Center in Portugal toSourceAnd develop the most optimal sustainable materials for our shoes.
NOTE: If your child loves to slow down on running bike with the shoe's muzzle, we recommend using extra protection or choosing a sandal where the sole goes all the way up over the muzzle as on our winter boot top.The vegan leatherwill not be able to hold on to the hard wear of the tarmac in the longer term. Our vegan leather has a wear -testing test of approx. 25,000 cycle against a standard leather located at 5,500 - so it is strong, but not strong enough to wear the tarmac several times. However, the material is reinforced with a reinforcement on the back, but cosmetically it will ruin frozenexpression. See pictures below of scratch tests on asphalt (leather vs. vegan leather)

Gracious properties

  • Silky soft
    Merino wool

  • Anti-

  • None
    Smelly feet

  • Daily
    & Party

  • Good support
    & Flexible

  • Soft & delicious
    U/ socks

Superfin and silky smooth

That's what's inside that matters. Here is the ZQ certified merino wool in a sandal. Itch free, temperature-regulating, antibacterial and confidence-maximizing.

Stylish from a to b

Our outer covering is made of vegan leather that feels super soft and delicious and is at the same time as durable as leather. We think that is good style all the way.

Fly high country soft

Based on the child's anatomy, we have developed the most child -friendly base and wrapped it in merino wool. We have done this because it is the little things that make the big difference.

Sandals in Merino Wool Online Denmark

Sole clear

The ergonomic signature sole is functional, flexible and made of 70% recycled soles and 30% natural rubber. It is better for both children and the environment. I am bad, do you?

Meet Fro

#farve_wild brown
Fro - Sandal M/ Merino wool Sale price€98,95

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Tina (DK)
Hvordan kunne skoen gøres endnu bedre?: Hvis særligt sneakers var mere hårdføre i snuden, så de bedre kunne holde til at være med på tur på løbecyklen, ville det være skønt!
Hvordan er længden?: Passer i størrelsen
Hvordan er bredden?: Almindelige
Skønne sandaler til aktive børn

Vi er super glade for vores FRO sandal, som passer godt på vores barns fødder og tillader ham at være aktiv, med komforten intakt.

Alt i alt en stor anbefaling af Aankl sandaler, og ligeledes sneakers, herfra.

Sladja P (DK)
Hvordan er længden?: Store i størrelsen
Hvordan er bredden?: Almindelige
Bløde og behagelige

Super fine sandaler, men i vores tilfælde passede måleskemaet ikke så vi var lige ude og bytte til en str mindre. Så måske lidt store i størrelsen.

Camilla Kønemann (DK)
Hvordan er længden?: Passer i størrelsen
Hvordan er bredden?: Smalle

Fine og bløde, men ikke god til en bred fod.

Tenna B (DK)
Hvordan kunne skoen gøres endnu bedre?: Åbningen i siden ved lilletåen måtte gerne værre længere nede end i siden ved storetåen. Lilletåen smutter nogen gange ud.
Hvordan er længden?: Passer i størrelsen
Hvordan er bredden?: Almindelige
Fantastiske sandaler

Vi købte et par FRO sandaler pga merionouldet og de er endnu bedre end vi havde håbet på. Jeg ville ønske de kom til voksne

Annette Hein (DK)
Hvordan er længden?: Passer i størrelsen
Hvordan er bredden?: Smalle
Meget smalle i størrelsen

De ser super fede ud men er smalle, så jeg måtte returnere dem.