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EWE - Sneakers in Merino wool

Sale price€49,95

Color:Calm Grey

- Natural and recycled materials.
- Silky ZQ Merino wool throughout the interior.
- Specially formulated ZQ-Merino wool blended with Cordura exterior for lint reduction as well as dirt.

- Breathable and sweat wicking.

- Soft sponge insole.

-Machine washable.
- Fixed heel and toe cap.
- Durable vegan microfiber in exposed areas.
- Significantly less odor due to merino wool.
- Regular to wide fit in width.

We are so proud of this cool wool sneaker EWE. The look is markedly different from everyone else's leather or nylon sneakers. The outer lining is a specially-woven combination of merino wool and cordura, developed exclusively for shoes. The inner climate of the shoe is also top notch and not seen on other children's shoes: the silky ZQ merino wool is sweat wicking, provides plenty of breathability for warm children's feet, great to wear without socks and significantly reduces the smell of sour shoes. Durable vegan recycled microfiber fits the exposed areas of the toe and heel cap and Velcro. The sole is made of super lightweight, flexible and provides good slip resistance for the child's play.70% recycled soles and 30% natural rubber, ensuring good stability for the child's play. Inside we have our signature insole which provides the final comfort to your child. The shoe is regular in both width and regular in size.

We produce and sell our shoes directly through our own website, which is why we can give you the insanely sharp price on such high quality. There are no expensive middlemen in the form of agents or dealers, which is why we can sell EWE on offer at the moment for only 399,-.

Free shipping and easy returns (prepaid return label in the box). So there's plenty of opportunity to try it out at home in your living room.

We deduct 29,- when using the prepaid return label.So there's plenty of opportunity to try it out at home in the living room.

Remove insoles and any laces and place in closed laundry bag. Remove the worst dirt from the shoes before they, and the washing bag with the contents, are machine washed on the wool cycle and left to air dry.
We test our shoes on children for weeks as well as the materials at the national testing centre in Portugal to source and develop the most optimal sustainable materials for our shoes.
Note: if your child loves to brake on the treadmill with the toe of the shoe or is generally crazy hard on their shoes, we recommend using extra protection or choosing a shoe where the sole goes all the way up over the toe like on our TOP winter boot. Our recycled microfibre won't be able to withstand the rigours of the asphalt in the long term. The bumper on the sole will take the worst of it and get "sanded down" over time, but cosmetically it will do little to the look.


  • ZQ Merino wool

  • Can
    Machine wash

  • Fresh Feet
    All Day

  • Anti-

  • Good Support

  • Soft & Luxurious
    U/ Socks

Superfine And Silky

It's what's inside that matters. As with our entire collection, we have ZQ certified merino wool all over the inside. Itch-free, temperature-regulating and confidence-maximizing.

Stylish From A To B

The specially designed outer lining for shoes is also made from ZQ merino wool, but here we've blended cordura into the wool, making it less lint-free and more resilient. We think it's good style all the way.

Fly High Land Soft

Based on the child's anatomy, we've developed the most child-friendly sockliner and wrapped it in merino wool. We've done this because it's the little things that make the big difference.

Sole Clear

The sole is a lightweight, flexible and non-slip. The sole is a so-called "bumper sole" because of the front, which absorbs the worst shocks. Not bad, right?

#farve_calm grey
EWE - Sneakers in Merino wool Sale price€49,95

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Linette Tidemann (DK)
Hvordan kunne skoen gøres endnu bedre?: Fastgørelse af pølsen. Den er svær at tage på selv når pølsen kan folde og rykke sig. Skoene er lækre, men min dreng vil ikke gå med dem fordi han ikke skal kan tage dem på.
Hvordan er længden?: Store i størrelsen
Hvordan er bredden?: Brede
Lækre, men for brede.

De er bløde og lækre, men for bredde for os. Min dreng (3 år) vrikker om på anklen i dem og er generet af den løse pløs som gør at det er svært for ham at tage dem på selv.
Giver fire stjerner fordi skoene er lækre og pg kvalitet.

Signe Malling (DK)
Hvordan er længden?: Passer i størrelsen
Hvordan er bredden?: Almindelige

EWE - Sneakers i Merinould

Anonym (DK)
Hvordan er længden?: Passer i størrelsen
Hvordan er bredden?: Almindelige
Fantastiske begyndersko

Fantastiske begyndersko

Ditte Ågård Pedersen (DK)
Hvordan kunne skoen gøres endnu bedre?: Knapt så høj bund - i hvert fald i de mindste størrelser - selvom jeg også godt ved det er med til at gøre dem så lækre at have på ift. blødhed.
Hvordan er længden?: Passer i størrelsen
Hvordan er bredden?: Almindelige
Super lækre! Men måske lidt høj bund

Skoene er super lækre og bløde, og min datter var helt vild med at få dem på. Dog er bunden måske umiddelbart lidt høj, hun knoklede faktisk lidt over i dem til en start. Det gør hun dog ikke mere og virker rigtigt glad for dem. Men ja, måske lidt for høj bund til en sko der slet ikke støtter oppe ved anklen (Hvilket heller ikke er meningen med den her type sneaker). Jeg var lidt i tvivl, men har valgt at beholde dem fordi jeg kunne se, at det blev bedre, da hun havde dem på et par gange. Det er uden tvivl skønne sko! Ville elske selv at stikke mine fødder i noget så blødt og lækkert.

Lone Jaedicke Frederiksen (DK)
Hvordan er længden?: Passer i størrelsen
Hvordan er bredden?: Smalle
Fine og lette sko

Dejlige lette og lune sko